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January 17, 2017

Want to Avoid an Expensive Raleigh Furnace Repair? Get a Yearly Furnace Inspection!


January 17, 2017

If you are wondering, do I really need to get my furnace inspected every year? The unequivocal answer is….YES! (if you want to avoid major repairs later and keep your Raleigh family safe that is…)

There are many dangers associated with an improperly functioning furnace. Some can even be a matter of life and death.

Whenever you are dealing with natural gas and flames, as a furnace does, the risk of danger is always present. Add to that a furnace that is rarely or never maintained, and you have a perfect recipe for serious danger in your Raleigh home. Another recipe for disaster is when people ignore problems associated with their furnace or don’t want to spend the money to get it fixed. If you notice an unusual noise, if it’s blowing cool air, or if it only works some of the time, it is important to call your local Raleigh furnace repair company and have a technician find the problem and repair your furnace right away.

There are two main inherent dangers that are associated with furnaces ranging from a threat of carbon monoxide poisoning to a gas explosion. Yes, there are many “safety valves” in place to avoid this from happening to your furnace. And no, you don’t see on the local Raleigh news everyday that’s someone’s furnace has exploded or an entire family had to go to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning, THANK GOODNESS! But it does happen in Raleigh, and more often than one might think. Sometimes those safety valves on a furnace can malfunction and render themselves useless. Or even worse, they can be bypassed by an unscrupulous technician that was hired from Craigslist.

The risk of gas explosion can be caused by leaking gas regulators, gas valves, gas pipes or connections. Carbon monoxide can be dispelled into a home from a cracked heat exchanger, a malfunctioning inducer motor, or loose connections at the flue pipe. These are very serious situations that can easily be avoided by having an HVAC maintenance and safety check performed on your furnace every year.

It is also extremely important to have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your home if you have any gas appliances in your home, including but not limited to a gas heater, a gas stove, or a gas water heater.

Regular furnace HVAC maintenance can save you from an expensive furnace repair bill

Below is a picture of an HVAC system in Raleigh that was inspected by 919 Fix MyAC.  The new home buyer wanted to be sure the HVAC system was in good health and that it was safe for his family.

This type of unit is called a “gas-pack” and it is very common in Raleigh.

When we opened up the heat exchanger compartment, we were very alarmed by the condition of the furnace and we immediately turned the unit off! It had to be temporarily disabled until a furnace repair could be completed. That’s right, repaired! Not replaced!

Avoid an Expensive Furnace repair by calling 919 Fix my AC in Raleigh

Our 919 Fix MyAC technician discovered extremely large holes in the heat exchanger which directly translates to carbon monoxide inside their Raleigh home.

You can see the large holes in the heat exchanger in the picture here.

Call 919 Fix my AC in Raleigh NC to avoid an expensive furnace repair

Unfortunately, the current homeowner did not have carbon monoxide detectors, nor did he have regularly scheduled maintenance performed on his HVAC system. This means he had no idea the unit was posing a life threatening danger to himself and his family.

It was very fortunate that in the process of selling this Raleigh home, a technician from 919 Fix MyAC was asked to inspect the unit by a very wise home buyer.

The very next day a Raleigh furnace repair was completed by 919 Fix MyAC and the people residing in the home were safe from the threat of carbon monoxide that plagued them only a day earlier.

If you have not had your Raleigh furnace safety inspection yet this year, please do not wait!

Call 919 Fix MyAC and we will send out a skilled and trustworthy HVAC technician that will make sure that you and your family are safe and can enjoy a warm home even during an unusually cold Raleigh winter.

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