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HVAC Services in Morehead City, NC

Joseph James
July 12, 2023

Had to replace my heating and air conditioning system. It was a mess from the previous owner. FixMyAC quickly reviewed it and gave we a comprehensive set of options to correct the situation. Caleb did a great job with the proposals. Michael and Santos did an exceptional job installing it. Also the we’re on time, neat with their work, attentive and courteous. Can’t say enough for FixMyAC!

Stephanie Rogers
July 6, 2023

My original AC unit stopped working right before the 4th of July holiday. Stephanie was able to get a technician out the same day. It was beyond repair, but Damian provided us with a portable AC unit we can rent until the new system is installed.

John Ward
June 22, 2023

I've worked with the Coolchange (919fixmyac) team for over ten years. I selected them because I wanted a partner to help maintain my aging units and the entire team delivered. Stephanie and Brittany are always attentive and do an excellent job with contracts and dispatching, creating a superior customer experience. Miles and his service team also continue to exceed expectations with the spring and fall scheduled maintenance. His prior military service shines in his work, marked by his thoroughness and attention to detail. Coolchange(919fixmyac) replaced both of these AC/Furnace systems in May, and that experience exceeded my expectations. Working with Caleb during the sales and SOW process was a pleasure. He was also very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, I want to mention the installation crew, Santos and Michael. Like Miles, they took great care in the work and operated like a machine, completing the installation ahead of schedule. They were very personable and highly attentive as well. Stephanie and Brittany were excellent, as is always the case.

May 14, 2023

I had them diagnose my 18 year old heat pump that quit in February '23. Wasn't cost effective to repair (compressor took a dump) so they replaced. Install incorrect unit (incorrect voltage). Not really their fault because it was mislabeled. Returned with correct unit in three days. The techs were very nice and professional. They worked in the cold rain to get it done with no complaining. The office ladies communicated very well. Did what they said and show up when they promised.

Aaron Radford
February 2, 2023

Miles did a fantastic job inspecting the home I was considering buying. He was thorough, methodical and took time to answer any questions I had as he conducted his inspection, not to mention related well person to person. I felt I had an excellent grasp of the situation from the inspection. Well worth it!

Glazed Beaufort
October 3, 2022
Palak Barot
October 3, 2022
Hunter Lego
October 3, 2022

Great service! Family owned and understanding.

Brian Brown
October 3, 2022

Amazing people and service. My AC went out and with 2 young kids in summer heat that is no fun. They understood completely and had my AC up and running immediately. I can't thank them enough.

Corie Brown
October 3, 2022

This company was amazing from start to finish. They communicated with me through the entire process as well and gave me the best price in the area. The tech was very professional and knowledageable of my AC unit. As long as I am in the Raleigh area this company has my business.

Doreen Daly
July 27, 2022

Did a through check of my unit. Didn't try to pressure me too but anything

Casey Charles
July 16, 2022

Called because my AC wouldn't engage in the middle of summer. Scheduled me next day, Santos came by, asked me for particulars on what was happening, and then immediately got to work. He was very polite and humored me by laughing at my dumb jokes. I accidentally steered him to the wrong heat pump for my townhouse and likely wasted an hour+ of his work day, after 5pm. He was courteous and polite regardless, and didn't charge me for a service he provided while troubleshooting a problem that didn't exist, because I pointed him in the wrong direction. He was not only good natured and polite about it, he had every right to charge me and didn't. My AC was repaired the same day he came in. I highly recommend this company.

Jo Dewell
June 22, 2022

I called our usual A/C company on Saturday and was told they would call back. No call back Saturday or Sunday. My husband called on Monday and they said they could be out on Wednesday. We have older dogs that can’t handle the heat. I have heard the ad for 1-800 fix my A/C several times so I called and was greeted by Gina, a kind and energetic voice that took my information and said I can get a technician out today. Within two hours Eric a very professional and knowledgeable technician came out and tested our unit, made a diagnosis, cleaned and repaired the unit. He explained everything both in person and on the invoice. Our A/C is now working great. We would definitely recommend this company and we will be using them for future A/C maintenance. J. Dewell

rachel hoyle
June 15, 2022

I absolutely love doing business with this company. We have used them for years and their workers really show integrity and superior knowledge. They have done both maintenance and repairs on my unit until it came time for us to get a new AC, which they installed. Really happy with the whole company! If you want to be COOL, give JD and his group a call! 😎

Very reputable company! I have used this company for my maintenance needs for years. The technicians are always prompt and informative about my air conditioner/furnace. I suggest their services to all my friends and family and they are always happy. Nice, family owned company.

Greatus Soldiera
June 15, 2022

Spent $1500 repairing an ac and broke 4 days later, no integrity at all.

Lazy Mermaid
June 15, 2022

919 Fix My AC is a great company! Highly recommend them. They fixed my older air conditioning quickly so that I could be nice and cool again! Everyone in the company was professional and helpful. The technician was on time and very informative. Great customer service!

Austin G.
June 15, 2022

I feel obligated to help keep this company’s rating from plummeting and will also be sending a note to WRAL. At the end of the day, it sounds like the tech troubleshot, in order, the things he was supposed to. I’m not an HVAC tech but I at least understand that you can’t test coils for leaks instantly. If the system was low and he filled it back up, the only way to find out if there’s a serious leak or not is to give it a few days or weeks. Don’t let dance culture affect your decision on whether or not to do business with someone. Their reviews were perfectly fine before this incident. As an owner of a concrete lifting business with about 60 5-star reviews, I know how important Google reviews are to a small biz, especially in a saturated market like HVAC. Kudos to the owner for even refunding $350.

Chris D
June 15, 2022
Robert meyer
June 15, 2022

I saw the news report from WRAL saying Frank is upset, because Frank is cooling off in Colorado for work, while his family is stuck in Raleigh, melting like the wizard of oz. 919 Fix my Ac didn't figure out the problem right away...... This is the problem with our country. The news is so fast to point a finger. This company is most likely honest, they have great reviews. But here you have " Frank" working out of town and his A/c goes out. Now "Frank" has a lonely partner at home, who is taking care of the kids doing everything she can, and feels unappreciated because "Frank" is always away, and he doesn't understand how much she does when he is away drinking cold Colorado beer when he gets off work. Now Franks wife is upset because her air went out, and she calls Frank crying. Now Frank has to do his part and call a company to come fix the problem. Well, the technician was unable to fix it, but he or she at least gave Franks wife cool air for a few more days because he filled the system up with freon, not knowing the coil had a leak. So Mrs.karen now has cool air for a few days. Well the system takes a poop again. New company comes out and finds out the coil has a leak. They tell Frank he needs a new system. Well Frank now spent 6000$ on a new system. When he could have just asked the company how much a new coil cost. So the second company came out, and just destroyed Frank more then this company. So really its not 919 Fix My ACs fault. Its Franks fault for not wearing the pants in his relationship, and making his personal family problems stay at home and not pandering how everything else is someone else's fault and just owning up to the fact that his marriage is failing.. and he needs to by a TRANE next time, and not a effin Goodman. If there is any advice I could give you "FRANK"....anytime I want attention, I go steal something from Walmart.... Grow a pair and turn off the News brother.

Cody Roberts
June 15, 2022

Wral news station did a report on this company due to poor workmanship and screwing over a client. Use at your own risk.

Philip Renwick
May 2, 2022

Eric came listened inspected, diagnosed, and fixed our AC issue where competitors did not. The process took less than 2 hours and the price was very reasonable, and the isswue is fixed. Very happy.

Paul Hughes
February 14, 2022

Awesome customer service!! Called them at 8am as our heating system had stopped working on a 28 degree morning, by 10:30 Miles had arrived and diagnosed the issue quickly, and fixed the problem shortly afterwards. Miles was great throughout the whole process, very knowledgeable technician and not pushy with services like other companies around here. I would use them again in a heartbeat!! Highly recommended!!

Chip Patterson
October 28, 2021

919 Fix My AC has assisted us with multiple HVAC issues, most recently a faulty thermostat that required a replacement. I received excellent service getting the appointment booked quickly after the thermostat went out and Kenny was professional and knowledgable as he quickly diagnosed the issue and offered a solution.

Deanna Householder
August 14, 2021

Quick and professional service. Very grateful they were able to repair my HVAC! Recommend them to anyone.

Mike Oxlong
May 8, 2021
Nancy King
May 5, 2021
Bryan Johnson
April 27, 2021

I would highly recommend this company. My ac fan motor went out. The technician was on time, very courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Replaced the fan, added coolant and thoroughly checked the unit for other issues. Great company to deal with.

Luther Snyder
March 15, 2021
Connie Aycock
February 8, 2021

My air conditioning unit stopped working, so I called for appointment. Chelsea, the secretary, I must say is one of the most efficient persons that I have ever had the pleasure to deal with! Very courteous, pleasant & always follows up. She scheduled me with technician, Freddie, who was prompt & did what I considered a thorough diagnostic on unit! He replaced a part which he had with him, which was nice that I didn’t have to wait for it to be ordered! He was very considerate, & respectful & did a great job! Very happy with service i get from this company! I highly recommend it!

Riley Zimmerman
November 30, 2020

Have had repairs and servicing performed on both our AC and heating unit. Response time was excellent, service person professional and helpful, and price reasonable for what was done. Will continue to use and recommend.

Kimber Peralta
October 28, 2020

Excellent and prompt service and good availability! Also very reasonable pricing.

Chad Lynch
October 1, 2020

If you have any issues with your air conditioner or heater you will be very satisfied and well served by 919 fix my AC. JD and Chelsea- are two of the most wonderful people you will ever have the pleasure of working with. They are professional, kind, courteous and most importantly extremely knowledgeable. They never try to upsell anything that’s not necessary and JD, the owner, spent at least a month to three months at my house getting my air conditioning working properly. It was only after he was finished that I learned that he was not going to charge me any more than the small amount that he initially quoted me because he said it was not my fault. That is a real and true and honest business owner! I am indebted to this man and this company forever! I will forever be grateful and refer he and his entire team at every possible opportunity! To say that I highly recommend them would be the understatement of the year! They deserve only the best.

T Bermudez
August 15, 2020

Rip Off Alert! I have an old AC unit that started blowing hot air. I figured if the problem was anything less than a compressor, it would be worth it to fix and keep running for a couple more years. The tech, Sean, came out and said I needed to replace two parts, the capacitor and the contactor. I was charged 439$ for these two parts which took five minutes to install and were charged at a 1000 percent markup. However, he did not show me any proof that the parts were defective nor did he leave the supposedly defective parts with me. Also, I just had the capacitor replaced a couple years before. It soon became apparent that the problem that was not fixed. The next week was exceptionally cool with temperatures in the low 70s, yet the AC ran constantly just to squeeze out a little cool air which was basically the same temperature as outdoors. As soon as the heat went back up this week, the compressor cut out again. In short, the actual problem with my AC was a failing compressor, which Sean admitted on his second visit. Nonetheless, he tried to sell me on a coil cleaning and refrigerant recharge. Obviously, FixmyAC will never admit that the two parts they replaced did not need replacing and were not the actual problem. Sean saw an easy way to charge me a lot of money for parts with little work on his part, and after 20 years in the business I'm sure he knows that a failing compressor will temporarily blow cold after being shut off for several hours. They tell you to shut off your AC hours before they come, supposedly so that the coils aren't frozen, but I suspect this is a secondary reason. Quite the little scam. The owner, JD, is an excellent talker and I'm sure he is successful in convincing most unhappy customers that the issue is their fault. He pivoted seamlessly from saying that the compressor just suddenly failed in a week's time, to blaming me for not cleaning the unit, and finally questioning why it took a whole 10 days for a second call if the unit wasn't fixed. Well, here is your answer JD, I took over a week to call back because the temps last week were exceptionally cool which put less stress on the failing compressor and made it less noticeable to me. There was never anything wrong with those parts they replaced, and it only appeared to be fixed because of the 12 hour break I gave the AC and the cool temperatures that week. I offered to accept a partial refund for the unnecessarily replaced parts but JD wasn't having that. I spent almost an hour debating back and forth with him on the phone. During the conference call Sean he stated that he was sick of customers complaining. There must be a lot of us. Now I have no recourse but to contact the BBB. To sum up, FixmyAC sold me two unnecessary parts when the real problem was a failing compressor, never showed any evidence that those parts did in fact fail, and refused to give me even a partial refund. Now theyre trying to block a negative review by making their page display in French. To anyone who reads this, I recommend two things: First, have them diagnose the problem and if they want to replace parts, order them and replace them yourself. Obviously this would not have solved the problem in this case, but it would have saved me a bunch of money. Secondly, if they do replace parts, have them leave the old part with you. There is no reason for them to take a supposedly broken part with them unless they are trying to rip you off.

Karen B
August 1, 2020

I am so pleased with the work provided by Nic from 919FixMyAC.com. My AC stopped working completely last night. I had no idea who to call so I asked for recommendations on NextDoor. I went with this company and am so glad I did. I called this morning and spoke to Megan, who was extremely courteous and helpful. Within an hour, Nic was at my door. He was efficient, honest and fixed my AC! He showed me exactly what the issue was (I needed a new part) and fixed it promptly. I was very fairly charged and I’m extremely happy with Nic’s work and with this company. I highly recommend 919FixmyAC!

Elise Hauser
July 30, 2020

I cannot say enough good things about 919 Fix My AC. I had an older system that finally gave up the ghost over the July 4th weekend. They came out on Monday and recommended a totally new system. The technicians they sent out for the installation were great. They arrived right on time, were very professional. For me the best part was that they ran into some difficulty with the install, and at one point they thought they might have to finish the job over 2 days. But in the end they really buckled down and pushed thru. They went above and beyond to make sure the system was fully up and operational before they left. I also have been very impressed with Chelsea from their office who I communicated with for setting the appointment and doing invoicing. She was amazing to work with. Always a prompt response via email, and when they initially sent over the invoice she walked me through everything and really helped me feel confident that I understood everything. 2 other services the company offers that I really appreciate are that they let me borrow (at no extra cost) a portable AC unit in the time between my air breaking and the new installation. This was a life saver, I do not know what I would have done for 3 weeks in July with no AC. They also handle filing all the information for the rebates from the gas and electric companies. That service is literally worth hundreds of dollars.

JR Lorenzetti
July 24, 2020

Technician was very knowledgeable, professional and patient. He explained every step of the process. He was meticulous about each step. Very well equipped with right tools for the job. Only left after units was running as per manufacturer’s specifications. Well done, Simo!

Alex Ashcraft
July 17, 2020

919 Fix My AC is so easy to do business with and offers amazing customer service. The technician was timely, professional and very thorough. We’ll be using them for all of our HVAC needs going forward and recommending them to friends & family!

E. Washington
June 3, 2020
Hugh Janis
May 21, 2020


Ms Hunt
May 19, 2020

I recently saw your TV ad. It reminded me I hadn't given you my feedback/review for the great customer service I received in Feb. Nic, the service tech came out to check my heat on the same day I called. He was on time, professional and took the time to literally show me the issue with the heat exchanger & inducer motor. Parts were ordered.. he & Aaron returned a couple of weeks later to make repairs. They had my heat back on in less than 2 hrs. I was very pleased with the honesty, integrity, price & quality provided by this company. I will definitely be a return customer. Chelsea, the dispatcher was very pleasant to work with as well.

Diane Richard
December 10, 2019

Nic was great! Arrived on time, was very pleasant to work with, shared lots of information and listened to and answered my questions and actually figured out exactly what was wrong! Got the unit to at least limp along while we decide on repair vs replace. A competitor did not get the unit back operating and just offered replacement options (or a very expensive repair and left it not working) and so we really appreciate hearing what was actually going on and why and would definitely work with Nic again.

Katie Salberg
November 20, 2019

Completely satisfied. Great work, even when challenges arose. Very prompt and professional. Fair pricing.

stan pace
October 18, 2019

Also -- these guys are super honest about repairs they plan to do. In the case of my old AC unit - JD offered up several new unit install options since the repair was likely not to last long. Super Install job on a new Trane unit - at fair price that could not be beaten by any competitor.

Ronald Delatorre
October 2, 2019
Beth Thoresen
August 22, 2019

I highly recommend 919 Fix My AC! Their service is outstanding and their prices are fair. I purchased the maintenance package and have definitely gotten my money's worth - a really good value!!

Taylor Vaughan
July 20, 2019

Noticed my AC out at about 8:00 PM, decided to leave a message on 919FixMyAC's web site because I like the idea of fixing rather than getting pressure to replace a whole system. Got a very friendly call from Chelsea the next morning and had an appointment for later that same day. Nic called to let me know he was on his way at the scheduled time, arrived, asked a couple of questions about the problem and promptly diagnosed the problem after a couple electric tester measurements. Replaced the faulty capacitor on the compressor unit and we were back in business in less than an hour of his arrival and less than 20 hours after we noticed a problem. Very friendly people, quick, fulfill promises, all at a fair price. Can't beat that!!

Drew Gainor
July 18, 2019

These guys are awesome! Paul really took the time to figure out what has been causing our AC issues that have been plaguing us since we bought our house. He goes out of his way every time he is here to make sure we are happy and does not try to sell us any overpriced or unnecessary equipment we do not need. It's also worth mentioning how great their dispatcher Chandelor is. She is always on top of everything and squeezes us in if necessary.

Emily Smith
June 10, 2019

WE HAVE COLD AC AGAIN!!! I cannot say enough great things about this company, they never fail to get things done on time. I've used them twice and each time they came out the same day. They always fix what needed to be done in a short amount of time. JD is always very nice over the phone and makes sure he can get someone out for me, for example I called this morning around 8:30am and someone was here within 30 mins! Nic was great to work with, very friendly and very efficient with his work. He was able to figure out the problem quickly and replace the part just as fast after picking it up. Also want to give a great review to Chandelor that I spoke with over the phone she was nice to talk to and was the one that gave me the pricing. I highly highly highly recommend them!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

To maintain excellent indoor air quality, it is crucial to have a well-maintained and regularly checked HVAC system. Filter replacement is a vital aspect of this process since insufficient filtration may lead to the accumulation of bacteria and particles. At 919 Fix My AC, we offer HVAC services in Morehead City, NC, to keep your system operating at its peak. From annual check-ups to filter replacements, our services guarantee that your home is comfortable and secure.

Call us if you have any questions at (919) 349-6922 or to schedule an appointment online.

HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Repair in Morehead City, NC

In case of cooling or heating problems with your air conditioning, feel free to contact 919 Fix My AC. We possess the necessary skills and knowledge to swiftly restore your system’s optimal functionality. Our range of AC services ensures that we can cater to your specific needs. Don’t suffer from discomfort or health issues caused by a malfunctioning system – reach out to us today!

Heat Pump & Furnace Repair in Morehead City, NC

Our team specializes in top-notch maintenance and repair services for heat pumps and furnaces. Whether you require routine maintenance, furnace repairs, or your heat pump is malfunctioning, our skilled professionals are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and warmth throughout the winter season.

HVAC Maintenance in Morehead City, NC

Morehead City residents can access a variety of HVAC maintenance services that we offer. Our services comprise of biennial furnace and heat pump maintenance, air conditioning tune-ups, and advanced diagnostic inspections to detect and fix any problems with your heating or cooling system. Our priority is to provide top-notch service to keep your home comfortable all year long.

AC Replacement and Installation in Morehead City, NC

919 Fix My AC can help you make an informed decision regarding your HVAC system’s repair or replacement as it nears the end of its lifespan. We prioritize cost-effective and efficient unit operation for as long as possible, without pressuring you into a decision you’re not comfortable with. If it’s time for a new system, we are happy to assist you in finding one that fits your needs and budget.

Reach out to our Morehead City HVAC professionals at (919) 349-6922 for full heating and AC services to enhance your home’s comfort.

What Makes Us the Best? The 919 Fix My AC Difference!

Count on us for top-quality work and exceptional customer service. We are committed to making things right in case of any errors. Our 5-star reviews from satisfied customers attest to our dedication. When you entrust us with repairing your heating or air conditioning system, expect:
No Games - Straightforward AC Repairs
At 919 Fix My AC, our expertise lies in repairing heat pumps, furnaces, and AC units rather than selling them. You can rely on us to provide honest service without any pressure to purchase a new HVAC system. If we are unable to fix your current unit, we won't charge you for the service call. Trust us to deliver the highest quality service.
Fair Market Value Pricing Up Front
Our pricing strategy is focused on offering customers good value without claiming to be the cheapest or most expensive. We survey the market regularly to ensure competitive and equitable prices while considering our service quality. Our flat fee pricing ensures no hidden fees or hourly charges.
No Upselling on Our Heating & Air Conditioning Repair or Maintenance
At 919 Fix My AC, we provide personalized and exceptional HVAC repair services. Our commitment to our customers' trust is unwavering, and we never suggest unnecessary products or services. Our technicians prioritize repairs over replacements and value the trust of our clients above everything else.
Experienced, Knowledgeable AC Technicians
Our team of 919 Fix My AC technicians are highly trained to provide top-notch service for your HVAC needs. They possess comprehensive knowledge on repairing and improving the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit to minimize energy expenses while maximizing performance.
Technicians Who Are Dependable and On Time
If you schedule an appointment with 919 Fix My AC, we will keep our promise of punctuality. Our repair expert will call you 20 to 30 minutes before arriving at your home to ensure that you won't have to wait for us.
Exceptional Customer Service
At 919 Fix My AC, we aim to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable experience when it comes to AC repair. Our HVAC experts are trained to maintain a clean workspace and are drug-free with a background check.
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